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About US

Guardian is truly a School with a Global perspective. We are committed to empowering next generations to face challenges, through innovative methods of teaching. We are here to mould our students into future citizens with exceptional virtues, all the while never losing sight of their roots and heritage. Guardian is the door to tomorrow's world and and your child's future is safe in our hands. We at Guardian firmly believe that 'All Wisdom comes from The Lord' and our global perspective is embedded on that belief.


• To provide International standard education which cultivates critical thinking and open-mindedness. 

• To equip our students to boldly take on an ever-changing world and to prepare them to face the challenges ahead in their academic and professional lives.

• To be a renowned center of excellence in international quality education which provides a challenging academic curriculum as well as top of the line training for the physical and moral requirements of the next generation.

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• We strive to provide a holistic form of education by imparting equal attention to the Intellectual, Physical, and Moral requirements of our students.

• To impart the virtues of Respect, Integrity, Kindness, Honesty, and Responsibility to build up Strength of Character in all our students.

•  We believe that nurturing strong-willed, inspired and confident young minds to be as important as achieving academic excellence.

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